Big Shed Brewing Raspberry Imperial Sour

Big Shed Brewing Concern

Published September 29, 2021

Taking advantage of the bigger shed and much bigger brewery they moved into in 2019, Big Shed continue to expand their range. Aside from their core range and a host of limited releases, the Big Shed team also pump out a Brewers Series and one under the Beer Club banner, and now they have an imperial sour series too. First up is a raspberry sour featuring 400kg of raspberries added to the ferment.

See through clear, and leeching a ruby pink hue from the fruit, Raspberry Imperial Sour is thick and full-bodied yet stops short of being cordial or syrup like. The raspberries are the showstopper, dominating throughout both in terms of fruity flavours and a decent tartness, contributing to a sourness that's strong but not too puckering in a beer that masks its alcohol content well and making the end result quite drinkable despite its potency.

Matt King

Imperial Raspberry Sour
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