Big Shed & Revel Neo-Mexicanus Black IPA

Big Shed Brewing Concern

Published July 11, 2022

This Neomexicanus Black IPA first came into existence in the winter of 2021 when the Big Shed crew flew in to collaborate with Revel in Brisbane. The idea was to feature hops from the neomexicanus sub-species: a collection of hops that grow wild in New Mexico and have, in some cases, been brought into the commercial programs of American hop-growers.

They chose to feature these often quirky varieties in a black IPA, a move that seems to have been a wise one with the beer picking up trophies at the 2021 Indies and 2022 Queensland beer awards. For winter 2022, there's been a return trip, with Revel travelling to Adelaide to recreate the beer at Big Shed.

The hops feature prominently to start things off, coming forth with big, grassy, earthy, and resinous notes before the roast chimes in with some light chocolate and a touch of smoke right at the backend. There's a firm bitterness to finish things off, working with the 6.5 ABV to create something both warming and hoppy.

Matt King

Black IPA
55 IBU
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