Urban Alley Aperitivo Pilsner

Urban Alley Brewery

Published February 1, 2022

If you’re reading these words, there’s every possibility a crisp pilsner will be your pre-dinner drink of choice. But, say there are moments where a perfectly-poured, clear golden beer doesn't quite suit and it's more a cocktail you're looking for, well, even then Urban Alley might have you covered with their first limited release of 2022. Aperitivo Pilsner twists and turns from truly classic pils in a couple of ways: firstly, it's an Italian-style pilsner – beers typified by their use of dry-hopping; secondly, there's the addition of blood orange.

As soon as it's poured, it becomes quite clear that Aperitvo Pilsner isn't a standard pils despite the fact it looks so bright and sparkling in the sun, as the beer's deep orange is a few shades darker. Flavour-wise, that blood orange is quite distinct and upfront too, and although it mostly it resembles biting into the fruit’s flesh, stick around and there’s some orange zest and floral notes too. As for those hops, it combines classic German Hersbrucker with New Zealand’s Motueka, further aiding the citrus and providing an element of spice that takes the liquid in your hand close to Campari.

Will Ziebell

Italian Pilsner
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