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It would be fairly safe to say that only a small section of The Crafty Pint's readers would know what comes next after:

“... I just come out of The Ship
Talking to the most
Blonde I ever met

But when FogHorn brewers Shawn Sherlock and Joe Lappin were conjuring a name for this beer – a larger lager – there was only ever going to be one outcome: Born Slippy†, courtesy of the "lager, lager, lager, lager" refrain hollered countless times across the planet since it was debuted over the closing credits of Trainspotting.

Hopped with Czech Saaz in LUPOMAX form, and with NZ-grown Gladfield pilsner malt at its heart, the 6 percent ABV lager was cold-fermented and conditioned for six weeks. The result is a lovely sweet, light malt character, showcasing good balancing bitterness and a wonderful mouthfeel that helps push the classic lemon and herbal subtleness through the palate. And while bigger than most pilsners, the alcohol is unnoticeable.

Shawn says they wanted to create something different to the beer styles currently dominating the market with Born Slippy, while Joe told me: “All brewers like to brew lagers and the Czech Bohemian pilsner is a desert island style of beer, for sure.”

It looks destined to be a summer winner for FogHorn, a brew to enjoy when the heat returns, but Joe reckons now is a great time to tap it too given it's "a little more intense – we thought it was a good way to finish winter.”

As for the name, Shawn says: “It will only be middle-aged bastards like us that will get the in-joke,” and with this writer hailing from the streets of Essex, it’s time to be:

“... Going back to Romford
Mega mega mega
Going back to Romford...“

Neil Richardson

†Baffled readers should check out the masterclass of 90s electronica that is Underworld’s Born Slippy. Alternatively, write in requesting the editor puts up a live version of him singing the tune. He can, you know! [I reckon checking out the live version on Everything, Everything would be a far better use of everyone's time – Editor]

Published August 15, 2022

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