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Bring Modus Operandi Beers To The World (NSW)

Posted November 20th, 2018

Modus Operandi takes special care of its beers, taking all steps possible to ensure they reach retailers and drinkers in the best possible condition. If you'd like to be part of that mission, they're taking on a new delivery driver and all-rounder.

4 Pines Is Hiring Sales Reps In Perth and Brisbane

Posted November 20th, 2018

4 Pines might call Sydney's north home but the brewery's beers are easily found across the rest of the country too. If you want to help them get into more venues and bottleshops in either Perth or Brisbane, they're looking to hire new sales reps in both cities.

Join The Brewery Team At Burleigh Brewing (QLD)

Posted November 19th, 2018

Burleigh Brewing is one of Australia's largest independent breweries, producing beer from its home on the Gold Coast for more than a decade. Right now they're looking to add a brewer to their cellar team.

Complete Microbrewery and Brewery Brand For Sale

Posted November 19th, 2018

A complete microbrewery and associated beer brand have been put on the market. Fox Friday brews on a 300 litre system in the north of Hobart and the owners have put the name, business, assets, plant and equipment up for sale.

Young Henrys is hiring a marketing & events coordinator (NSW)

Posted November 16th, 2018

Young Henrys loves putting on fun events as much as its brewers love brewing beer. And, with one of their staff members heading off on maternity leave, there's an opening for someone to jump in and help out with marketing and events.

Run Beervana in Wellington (NZ)

Posted November 15th, 2018

Beervana is one of the best beer festivals to take place either side of the Tasman every year. It welcomes brewers from all over NZ and further afield plus a growing horde of beer lovers from Australia. ​The organisation behind it is hiring an events gun to run it from 2019.

Brew For Garage Project (NZ)

Posted November 15th, 2018

Garage Project is one of those operations you can only watch and wonder at how they do what they do. They make great beers, embark on wild and wonderful ventures and do it all with smiles on their faces. And right now they're hiring a brewer too.

Help Stone & Wood Spread The Word (NSW)

Posted November 14th, 2018

Of all the success stories being written in the Aussie beer world, there's little like that of Stone & Wood, the operation that started out servicing its local market in Byron Bay before going big. If you'd like to help them keep writing that story, they're after a communications specialist.

Canberra Brewery & Brewpub For Sale

Posted November 14th, 2018

The beer scene in the Australian capital has burst into life in recent years, with a growing number of brewing companies and beer venues. Now an opportunity has arisen to buy a complete brewery and brewpub in the heart of Canberra.

Brew For 4 Pines

Posted November 13th, 2018

4 Pines​ makes a broad range of beers across many styles, from sessionable core range offerings to regular limited releases. If you want to help make those beers, the brewery is looking to add three new brewers to the team. To find out more, read on.​

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