Burnley Brewing Eco Project Gin Botanical Sour

Gin Sour

Late in 2023, Burnley Brewing launched their Eco Project series with a witbier that showcased local ingredients and waste products. It's a program they're approaching with renewed focus in 2024 and have returned to it with Gin Botanical Sour; a beer infusioned with more than 200 kilorgrams of spent botanicals. You see, it’s not just brewing that creates plenty of waste and in this case, Burnley worked with four separate Victorian distilleries - That Spirited Lot, Patient Wolf, and Bass & Flinders - to save their leftovers.

Burnley also focused in on where their ingredients came from by sourcing hops from Ryefield and malt from Voyager who are both known for their regenerative practices, while adding yeast from Bluestone Yeast, who may not have a farm but are certainly local and a sustainable way to get yeast. The beer itself is incredibly lively, providing lemon peel, juniper and a raft of floral botanicals alongside a lasting tartness. I drank mine during 38 degree heat in a paddock with thousands of my closest friends at Golden Plains and could suggest you do the same.

Will Ziebell

Published March 14, 2024

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