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Published April 19, 2022

Like many during lockdown quite a few (actually โ€œallโ€ may be more accurate) of the Burnley Brewing team started using TikTok and just like myriad others, soon became somewhat enslaved by the endless scrolling. To show off their ability to keep up with the Joneses (which, quite fittingly, is a phrase that's a good hundred years old), the brewery started naming their less-than-traditional lagers after their favourite TikTok videos or trends with Piggy Dippin' that's been released in April 2022. While it would be possible to use this space to describe what that video is about or maybe link to it, that doesn't seem particularly fair. Why not? Well, like Burnley, this writer is hooked on TikTok too and if I have to spend so much time on there, it seems only fair that I should encourage others to download it too and join me in the timewasting.

As for the beer, while all of the brewery's other non-traditional lagers have included fruit additions, this one instead uses Mosaic, Citra and Galaxy for the hoppy lager to dip into a juicy mix of pineapple, rockmelon and guava. But, like the rest of the series, those hoppy aromatics sit against a very traditional German lager backdrop with it pouring pale straw has a clean and mildly bitter finish.

Will Ziebell

Hoppy Lager
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