Burnley Brewing Bohemian Pilsner & Smoked Lager

Burnley Brewing

Published May 11, 2022

Burnley Brewing have a lot of love for lagers but this dual release sees them not just look at two of their favourite styles but ask some important questions. Who are these lagers and how do they feel about each other? OK, so without a can in your hand this might be hard to follow but two pieces of artwork depict Bohemian Lager and Smoked Lager as the knights on Pilsen and Bamberg’s respective coat of arms (which is where each style originates from) brought to life. Each has its own name along with a series of stats like characters in Dungeon & Dragons and it turns out both of the late-knight callers are gossiping down the phone line with their respective best friend.

First off there’s, Bohemian Pilsner (AKA Armour-Bearer, AKA Mr Pilsner Knighty), who has a poor ability at telling dad jokes and walking dogs but is nonetheless a great conversationalist. Brewing classic pilsners is well-covered ground for Burnley and once again they've brewed a beer that takes you to Europe with it being lean, crisp and giving off spiced and floral hop notes that are joined by a substantial bitterness. As for Smoked Lager (AKA Saint George, AKA Mr Smokey), he’s both great at telling dad jokes and dancing. Again, if you’ve tried any of Burnley’s beers during their Oktoberfest celebrations, you’ll be quite well acquainted with their approach to the Bamberg classic. It pours copper and provides a rich mix of smoked Beechwood character, with swirling flavours of bacon and ham and a dry finish.

Will Ziebell

Bohemian Pilsner & Smoked Lager
4.8% & 5.1%
Burnley Brewing

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