Burnley Brewing NEIPA Rainbow & Mandarin Gose

Burnley Brewing

Published November 18, 2022

There is a bit of old Burnley meets the new with these two limited-releases. Once upon a time, the brewery made few new cans and when they did, there was a calm simplicity to how they looked. These days, we have beers like NEIPA Rainbow which features a witch, an astronaut and a cowboy riding a Paddle Pop. Why? Who knows, but there is certainly a broad spectrum of flavours at play. Although it pours darker than many in the style, it certainly pops with fruits, with the likes of mango, passionfruit, peach and nectarine all packing a punch in the slick and smooth release.

Mandarin Gose on the other hand, is Burnley as we once knew them, with the beer originally released in early 2020. Now it’s back for another summer and it certainly doesn’t hold back on either the tartness or the juice, with those two hitting together to make for one refreshing, citrusy release.

Will Ziebell

NEIPA & Mandarin Gose
6.8% & 4.2%
Burnley Brewing

648 Bridge Road
VIC 3121

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