Burnley Brewing Italian Pilsner

Burnley Brewing

Published November 24, 2022

After spending all of October focused on lagers, Burnley Brewing have gone for a different approach in November by brewing a ... lager. But this one is different to Burnley’s brewing philosophy during Oktoberfest: instead of drawing inspiration from Germany, it's an Italian Pilsner. Although it might hail from Europe, the style has found much popularity in America and here, with the beer close to a classic pils but featuring a heavier use of old world hops.

Burnley’s pours particularly pale thanks to a malt bill featuring both corn and rice, which lightens the palate weight up as much as the look. Just like how we seem to be slowly sinking into summer, you’ll also find a soft array of floral aromatics, some elements of freshly-baked bread and a touch of bitterness lurking within the light and bright beer.

Will Ziebell

Italian Pilsner
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