Burnley Brewing West Coast Lager & Pineapple Gose

Burnley Brewing

Published March 18, 2022

Burnley Brewing might make plenty of traditional German beers but sometimes it feels like head brewer Michael Stanzel’s time spent learning to brew in that country was so he could best work out how to mess with classic styles. West Coast Lager was brewed with Hops To Home and combines Burnley’s love of lagers with the beer retailer’s love for North American hops.

You can tell they’ve approached the beer with a very classic West Coast mindset and hop regime too, thanks to the substantial hit of resinous pine. That’s joined by a lighter touch of grapefruit and a plenty of bitterness but – as it's still a lager at its core – that bitterness seems to pack more of a punch than it would in a regular West Coast due to its placement against such a lean and crisp beer.

Also fresh from the brewery and built with refreshment at the forefront is Pineapple Gose. The fruited sour provides a lightly tart edge to balance the pineapple flavours that seem to capture elements of fresh fruit, pineapple juice and lollies all at once.

Will Ziebell

West Coast Lager & Pineapple Gose
5.2% & 4.2%
Burnley Brewing

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