Burnley Brewing x Duckpond x Pours Clover Club

Burnley Brewing

Published February 2, 2023

A Clover Club might be an old fashioned cocktail but this sour beer spin of the pre-Prohibition drop is a fitting display of the modern beer industry. It’s a collab that’s heavily fruited and features faces from not just adjacent booze industries but another creative field too. OK, so we might be cheating here because although Duckpond Brewing’s founder might be a punk rocker, he’s is a brewer too and well and truly embedded in Sweden’s beer industry - as you can read more about Nikola Šar?evi?'s story before he launched Duckpond here. And sure, Pours might be a canned cocktail company but if you live and breathe craft beer in Melbourne, there’s a good chance you’ve met at least one of the faces behind it.

As for the beery cocktail, it seems like a natural way to go for Pours and Duckpond (given their love of loading beer with fruit) and those two outfits were joined by Burnley Brewing at the latter's production site to create it. Having never actually drunk a Clover Club, it still feels apt to say those three collaborators have done an excellent job at turning it into a pink sour beer, given the key ingredients are gin, raspberry syrup and lemon juice. Here, the raspberry is quite sweet but is immediately countered by a gripping sourness, while there’s a slightly herbal-meets-medical quality at play too so all that's missing is the raspberry garnish on top (OK and egg whites but speaking from experience: do not add those to your beer).

Will Ziebelll

If you're reading this in time, the beer is launching at Miss Moses on February 3, with details here.

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