Ocho Beer Primavera


Released November 1, 2016

Brewer's notes: Saisons are a beautiful (and traditional) way to brew with the seasons. Primavera captures the bright and breezy character of Spring in Tasmania.

There are a few regions around the world where farmhouse breweries have continued production to this day, most notably the saisons brewed in Wallonia in Southern Belgium. These ales vary considerably, but they are all pale, highly carbonated, with fruity and spicy yeast and hop characteristics, and a dry finish. We love the style so much we brew them a couple of times a year, using the seasons to dictate the style and/or ingredients we use.

Primavera is our Spring Saison – as Tasmanians know, this is a season of wind, sun, clouds, rain, storms, wind, sun, and wind. And that's just before lunch. We wanted to create a bright and lively beer, so we brewed with a fair bit of wheat – which tends to lighten and soften a beer's profile. We also used a heavy dose of a hop called HPA-035 (you might remember it from our Deciduous IPA) which beautifully matches the peppery and citrusy notes of saison yeasts. Look out for the great lemon zesty notes from hops/yeast.

This is an absolutely cracking beer for a breezy Spring day, and will certainly be on high rotation in our fridges well into summer.


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