Ocho Eucalyptus


Released September 30, 2018

While there have been normal beers along the way for Tasmania's Ocho, such as the ongoing seasonal IPA range, it's fair to say Stu Grant is a brewer that likes to experiment, be it with barrels, yeasts or less-than-obvious ingredients. It's also fair to say the beer he entered as a GABS 2018 festival beer is one that fits into the experimental category. And then some.

Says Stu: "I conceived of the idea for the beer while walking through a local area of bush that had recently had a bushfire, and thought, 'What if I could get that mix of smoke and eucalyptus in a beer?'"

That led to the creation of a tincture with pure alcohol that was mixed that into the conditioning tank - just 40ml of oil in 1200 litres of beer was all it took – where it joined a dark lager base. Its smoky side isn't overly prominent, but that's in part because so many other elements are: menthol, the herbal tablets kids at my old school in the UK would eat by the handful, twiggy bark, sarsaparilla, a squirt of one of those all natural toothpastes. It's an odd combination but one that oddly works, even if it feels like a beverage that belongs to a different culture and a different time.

Spiced Dark Lager

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