Ocho Autumn IPA 2020


Released March 13, 2020

As sure as the months roll by and the seasons change (on paper at least, as the weather doesn’t seem to line up quite right anymore), Ocho release a new IPA to celebrate. Those in the know who are lucky enough to be able to get hold of these beers look out for them whenever the date ticks over - and the 2020 Autumn IPA doesn’t disappoint.

Delivered in a bold red can, it pours an equally bold rich, rusted, dark red colour. A mild aroma featuring some malt sweetness and fruit from the Galaxy hops leads into a front that's bitter and resinous before a long tail arrives with a delicious chewy finish. The balance of front and back palate is what makes this beer a winner: robust malt flavour on one hand, enough hop character (there's also Centennial and Cascade at play) to remind you it is in fact an IPA on the other.

As a precursor to the colder weather ahead (in the south at least), it’s not too early to grab a few of these while the sun still shines, as you're only likely to appreciate it more as winter approaches.

Dorian Broomhall


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TAS 7248

0435 836 387
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