Ocho Lusty Winter


Released June 12, 2020

Down here in the far south, winter has well and truly landed: frosty mornings leading to beautiful clear and sunny days - some would say Tasmania is at its best this time of year. With the sun going down around 4.30 pm, the itch for an early knock-off beverage is as strong as ever - and if you’re looking after your health, that might just be a single midweek tipple. Better make it a good one, right? Enter Ocho’s latest: the Lusty Winter Baltic porter.

In the first large format can release from Ocho, you're definitely getting the most out of your "single beer", too, especially with the ABV coming in at 7.5 percent. With a sarsaparilla scent on the nose (don’t let that deter you if you’re not a fan), Lusty Winter has a thick mouthfeel and a dry finish. The flavour is reminiscent of a shiraz and chocolate (specifically something from Switzerland) pairing, with the sweetness more on the nose and the lingering bitterness giving you the satisfaction of coffee in the evening without the caffeine.

Lusty Winter is a nuanced impression of a Baltic porter, with the high drinkability of some of the standout traditional examples of the style.

Dorian Broomhall

Baltic Porter

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