KAIJU! & Blackhearts & Sparrows Signal Sun IPA


Released December 3rd, 2019

Blackhearts & Sparrows are having quite the time when it comes to creating collabs with local brewers. For the most part, they've had something a little funky or sour about them, but the team behind the ever-growing indie retail empire have been known to play with hops too, and that's where they head here in the company of KAIJU!, a brewery that knows a thing or two about the little green treasures.

Signal Sun is tagged a session or "sessionable" IPA yet sits a little above many beers of that ilk both in terms of alcohol content and palate weight. Golden with the faintest of haze, you're first met by sweet, candied citrus and pine aromas, before a bitey, resinous bitterness jets in to coat the palate. It's really quite lovely, but very much a session IPA for people who enjoy their sessions on the larger side.

James Smith


10 Superior Drive
Dandenong South
VIC 3175

(03) 9706 5924
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