Blasta Brewing Exploratory Oat Cream Beast

Blasta Brewing Co

Published May 15, 2020

To say 2020 has been crazy is an understatement, but to say that oat cream IPAs are shaping up to be this year’s hype style du jour is not. Like the mutant lovechild of pastry stouts and NEIPAs, they're well placed for equal amounts of adoration and cynicism, much like any too cool Hollywood hook-up’s progeny before the salivating tabloid paps and real world derision. And, yet, it’s impossible to look away!

Whatever your stance, there is a lot to like here, albeit you'll want a sweet tooth. Riffing on the well-liked Son of the Beast NEIPA, the Burswood brewers have embellished this "Exploratory Beast" with lactose and vanilla, delivering a beer which leads the mind towards thoughts of vanilla cheesecake topped with fresh mango curls, over-ripe pineapple chunks, passionfruit blobs and orange zest – basically 2020 on a dessert plate.

Guy Southern

DDH Oat Cream IPA

Available from the brewery

And in very limited quantities from select Blasta stockists

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