Blasta Brewing Sour Mama Pepa

Blasta Brewing Co

Published November 24, 2020

Besides the name, and we’ll get to that in a moment, the first thing that hits here is the colour. Even the ephemeral head radiates lurid fruit pulp – there’s none of your typical "crested with a crisp white head" malarkey going on here. No, this is fruity. Really fruity. And that's from the brewery that's turned heads and impressed beer judges with a quad-fruited beer called Rampant Raspberry.

MAngo, hand-peeled PEach, and PAssionfruit in fact – the name now makes a little more sense, no? – with marshmallow, yes, marshmallow, and lactose. Honestly, if there was a beer I’ve tried this year that delivered more on what it says on the can, then I’m yet to try it. And it’s late November.

The dense impact of each fruit addition is full, and while the palate runs pleasantly sweet / sour, it’s the subtle fruit tartness which brings balance. But let’s not forget the vanilla marshmallow vibe underpinning the beer's playful sideshow alley enthusiasm, which seems to be the overall intent as no one is buying Sour Mama Pepa because they expect a crisp lager.

Guy Southern

Fruit Cream Sour
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