Jervis Bay Cow & Calf Tropical Pale Ale

Jervis Bay Brewing Co

The name of this beer doesn’t refer to bovines, but to the humpback whales who bring their young into Jervis Bay for a pitstop on their annual migration. They’re playful giants who seem to enjoy putting on a show for anyone watching as they splash and jump around in the water, giving a thrill of joy to those looking on.

Perhaps no beer brings quite the same thrill of joy, but Cow & Calf Tropical Pale Ale can at least tap into that same playfulness.† The cocktail of NZ hops used here – Nectaron, Taiheke and Motueka – releases a fresh and fruity hop character from the stark white froth. Rather than the distinct peach, lychee and citrus mentioned on the label, I got more of a generic fruitiness from the blend; if you’ve ever had Tutti Frutti flavoured confectionery††, you know what I mean. And it all comes together with a mouthfeel that caresses the tongue like sherbet foam.

† And bring home a gold from the 2021 AIBAs to boot. †† Fun fact: tutti frutti isn’t just a quaint rhyme; it means "all fruits" in Italian. Come for the beer descriptions, stay for the linguistics trivia.

Mick Wust

Tropical Pale Ale
24 IBU
Jervis Bay Brewing Co

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