Jervis Bay Summercloud & Love Boat

Jervis Bay Brewing Co

Published December 17, 2022

Summercloud Bay is one of those places that’s held onto its natural beauty: a gorgeous beach enjoyed by those in the know, but hidden from the masses; sheltered, but still close to great surf spots. Summercloud Hazy Pale Ale could do worse for a namesake.

Of course, as JBBCo point out, it does’t hurt that Summercloud Hazy Pale is cloudy in appearance and perfect for summer. The tropical hops roll in like lazy waves, the mouthfeel is a light sea foam, and the carbonation patters and spatters across the tongue like the first droplets of rain coming in.

Love Boat promises something for everyone. It offers up a big, juicy whiff of fresh raspberry, and enough sweetness up front to keep the tartness from overtaking you. High carbonation gives you a tingle with each sip, and a dry finish makes it all incredibly moreish.

For those who wouldn’t consider themselves a "beer person", it’s inviting and different; I even gave a sip to my mum, who said: “That’s not as bad as the other ones.” ("The other ones", in this context, meaning "all other beers".) And for beer lovers after a zingy and refreshing drop, Love Boat has it all.

Come aboard. They’re expecting you.

Mick Wüst

Hazy Pale & Raspberry Wheat Beer
4.7% & 3.8%
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