Jervis Bay World Ocean Day Pacific Ale & Hypester Latte

Pacific Ale & Nitro Stout
4.2% & 6.0%

Jervis Bay Brewing is located in a coastal town surrounded by natural beauty, and one of its owners was an ecologist before becoming a brewer. Is it any surprise that this brewery takes protecting the ocean seriously?

So to mark World Ocean Day 2023, they released the World Ocean Day Pacific Ale,* with all profits going to the Australian Marine Conservation Society. A picture by local ocean photographer Jordan Robins wraps around the label of the beer can, showing a brilliant sunset over an ocean of stunning blues that put gemstones to shame.

The beer itself gives a fresh citrus zing on the nose and a wash of stonefruit hop notes, with a brightness that keeps it easy drinking. It really is quite sessionable; you could drink a lot of this stuff. If only there were a large body of water I could use as an analogy…

I’ve never been to Jervis Bay, but I know many picturesque coastal towns live in their own bubble, at least in part. So I had a chuckle when I saw JBBCo’s GABS beer, Hypester Latte. Making fun of hipsters drinking coffee seems a bit 2010, but I’ll forgive the Jervis Bay crew – they’re busy enjoying a beautiful part of the world and making delicious beer.

With a few shakes and a heavy pour, Hypester Latte serves up a dense nitro head like the most perfect foam you’ve ever seen on a cup-of-chino. It’s made with coffee from a local roaster, and drinks all creamy and soft like lovely iced coffee with just a lil’ bit of sweetness. One sugar. Half a sugar, even.

Or in JBBCo’s words: “our take on a Café Latte Shakerato,** with an Irish twist!”

Mick Wüst

*Is there a more apt style for a brewery on the east coast of Australia to make for World Ocean Day? I think not.
**I’ve never of a shakerato before this, but apparently it’s a thing.

Published June 16, 2023

Jervis Bay Brewing Co

3 Duranbah Drive
NSW 2540

(02) 4401 2142
Open Hours

Wed to Sun: midday to 9pm


Tour bookings required

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