Jervis Bay Last Man Standing, Bayswell Red IPA & Low Vis Hazy IPA

Jervis Bay Brewing Co

Published October 26, 2022

With the mercury rising, even as the rain continues to fall, Jervis Bay have put out a hoppy mid-strength. Last Man Standing pours almost the same orange colour as the label on the can, but don’t think that means it’s opaque; this baby’s see-through. A waft of mandarin peel gives a burst of freshness on the nose, and from first sip to last there’s a grain malt character that balances out the happiness and adds to the easy-drinking-ness of this beer.

It’s a step up in flavour and complexity to Bayswell Red IPA. The head is off-white, the liquid is a deep copper colour, and the air is filled with the smell of brown sugar toffee and fruit roll-ups. Chinook, Mosaic and Amarillo provide a nice mix of fruits – berries, fresh pineapple, ripe red fruits and mango – and there’s a hint of cola on the tongue that I’m guessing comes from a little roasted malt, which adds a nice depth to the hops.

Low Vis Hazy IPA is a fruity and fluffy number that snuggles up like a puppy on the couch, gentler than Bayswell despite its higher ABV. A mellow mix of stonefruit sits on top of a soft malt profile, and there’s a spread-out bitterness in the finish; it’s light, but it covers all parts of the tongue.

Mick Wüst

Hoppy Mid, Red IPA & Hazy IPA
3.5% & 6.1% & 6.4%
24 & 50 & 50 IBU
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