Jervis Bay The Beacon Lager

Jervis Bay Brewing Co

Published September 18, 2021

Don’t let the simple word "lager" in the name of this beer stir up expectations of a bright yellow drink. The Beacon isn’t a pale lager but a Vienna lager, shining with malty flavours and vibrant colour.

I beseech you to hold it up to the light and bask in its rusty sunset vibe before you even think about tasting this beer – behold it with the slow contemplation of Indiana Jones gazing upon a golden idol (hopefully without the following consequences).†

Then, and only then, can you take in the sweet, sticky Vienna malt aroma, and the toasty, almost nutty flavour that comes when that Vienna malt joins with noble hops.

It’s clean, it’s tasty, it’s on style, and it’s no wonder it took home a gold medal from the 2021 AIBAs.

Mick Wust

† If you think it would have made more sense to compare this beer to the shining light of a lighthouse, such as the one pictured on the front of the can, move along. We don’t need the kind of negative thinking that would choose sensibility over Indiana Jones.

Vienna Lager
23 IBU
Jervis Bay Brewing Co

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