3 Ravens Comet Acid: Raspberry & Lemon Myrtle & Asgardian Ale

Sour Ale ft Fruit Cordial & Pale Ale
3.5% & 4.0%

Two more collabs from 3 Ravens, which are also two more beers from the Thornbury brewers featuring heaps of ingredients and colourful backstories only to land in your glass as pretty easygoing, approachable beers.

One is the launch of a four-part series created with Comet Beverages, the local producer of syrups and sodas connected to Melbourne venues Section 8, B.East, Ferdyduke and Globe Alley. Comet Acid: Raspberry & Lemon Myrtle sees them combine the brewery's mid-strength Acid sour ale with Comet's Natural Raspberry & Lemon Myrtle Syrup to create a delightfully summery drop. Pouring with a gentle pink blush, it's the liquid version of dipping into a punnet of fresh berries, with and a refreshing citrusy cleansing texture as opposed to anything tangy or puckering.

The Asgardian Ale was brewed for the folks that supported 3 Ravens' crowdfund last year, a campaign that's allowed them to upgrade and improve the sustainability of their Thornbury brewery. Based on their backer's feedback, they conceived a "sustainable pale ale": brewed with heirloom barley sourced from regenerative farms and malted by Voyager Craft Malt using sustainable practices, as well as hops and hop products grown in Victoria and a heritage Melbourne yeast isolated and propagated locally by Bluestone to keep beer miles low.

The liquid itself makes for something of a classic pale ale but with a modern story, not least as one of the malt varieties in there is Ethiopian black barley, an ancient grain brought back to commercial use by Voyager. Asgardian Ale is an easy-drinking Australian pale with one eye on the States. Pouring clear orange, there’s a light biscuit and soft toasted element from the malts while the hops provide layers of passionfruit, stonefruit and a moderate bitterness. Only Asgardians received the beer in cans, but you can look out for it on tap while it lasts.

James Smith & Will Ziebell

Published October 14, 2023

3 Ravens

1 Theobald Street
VIC 3071

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