3 Ravens Lil' Juicy

3 Ravens

Published August 11, 2022

Since debuting as one of Australia's earliest hazy IPAs, 3 Ravens' Juicy series has veered off in all manner of directions. For the most part, that's involved different hops or the addition of fruit, plus boosting the ABV. Here, they head in the other direction, looking to offer up a more sessionable version of one of the biggest successes of their two decades in existence.

The depth of haze and weight of body are understandably reduced compared to the OG, and it's maybe a shade or two darker too. But juicy it remains with clean citrus flesh aromas that turn a little pithier on the palate. It's still pretty soft on the palate despite its lesser weight, and brings plenty of sweetness too. Imagine a beer that packs the punch of a juicy pale at just one standard drink per can and you're there.

Look out for the 4.4 percent ABV hazy pale Juicy Jnr on tap too.

James Smith

Mid-Strength Juicy Pale
3 Ravens

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