3 Ravens Rye

3 Ravens

Published September 18, 2010

The latest in the 3 Ravens' 'Uber" series, in which the Thornbury brewers pick a style from their usual range and do something a bit special with it, the Rye is loosely based on their White (or witbier). It's a Roggenbier, a style originally heralding from Bavaria, in which the yeast strain used in wheat beers is combined with a hefty whack of rye malt - a type of malt rarely used in beers today, although becoming increasingly popular in the US craft scene and among Aussie homebrewers. The result here is a dark copper-coloured beer with a dense white head, a sweet, spicy aroma and a tangy fruit flavour reminiscent of wheat beers but with an added malt sweetness and serious peppery bite.

Roggen bier (Rye beer)
3 Ravens

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