3 Ravens Schwarz

3 Ravens

Published May 4, 2011

While most brewers seem to be hotfooting it after the latest hop varieties and chasing ever bigger hop fixes, 3 Ravens are happily playing around with malt led beers (and the odd barrel too). The latest release in their Uber Range is another inspired by classic European styles, this time a Schwarzbier, aka a dark lager. It registers in the realms of dark brown - with an orangey tinge when held to the light - rather than black and, as we said, is all about the malts. On the nose that translates to some bready and caramel characters - even a suggestion of coca cola, whereas in the mouth you'll find sweeter syrupy flavours mixed with lots of chocolate before it's all wrapped up by some roastiness that comes to the party late then sticks around. Only as you make your way down the glass does the 6%-plus alcohol become apparent, adding a little tingle in cahoots with the gently spicy hops.

3 Ravens

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