3 Ravens Hell

3 Ravens

Published July 7, 2011

When done right, the lagers - or helles - originating from the southern German state of Bavaria are among the very best in the world: delicate, beautifully balanced and as refreshing a beer as you could ever wish to taste. We've not had the chance to taste this 3 Ravens take on the style yet, so will have to rely on the brewer's notes, which tell us it's a light gold/dark straw coloured lager with a dense head and moderate carbonation. On the nose, we're told to expect a "light, clean malt and grain like aroma" with "very light flowery hop notes", while once it's passed your lips, expect a "sweet malty flavour", a "low level of bitterness" and a "truly sessionable beer".

Hell Lager
3 Ravens

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