3 Ravens Little Raven India Saison

3 Ravens

Published September 22, 2014

It’s been all change at 3 Ravens in recent months, with the old brewing team now ensconced at Two Birds and Moon Dog after picking up a couple of major trophies earlier in the year and a new team plucked from Holgate and Boneyard now in place. The new duo has embarked on a new series of limited releases that make use of the brewery’s 300 litre mini-system (upon which the brewery launched more than a decade ago). The first fruit to be born of this venture is an India Saison, essentially a hopped up version of the increasingly popular farmhouse style beer. The hops used are all New World varieties and are layered on in such quantity that it’s best to allow the cloudy, golden beer to warm awhile so that the farmhouse yeast characteristics can poke their head through from behind the hops to join the party.

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