Blasta Brewing I Am The 1

Blasta Brewing Co

Published March 6, 2019

For their first birthday celebrations, Blasta have launched a new beer, with owner Steve Russell deciding to make it a special beer. Aptly named I Am The 1, it features more than 300kg of raspberries and the same amount of passionfruit, with the result a vibrant and very distinct bright red colour.

Calling in shortly after it was tapped, sitting in the courtyard at the brewpub in Burswood, I looked around to find most people with a glass of this bright red liquid in their hands – how times have changed where a fruited sour becomes the beer of choice...

The aromas of freshly picked raspberries and more subtle passionfruit puree invite you to take a large swig, which leads to flavours of fresh raspberries and tropical passionfruit complemented by a nicely balanced tartness and acidity from the kettle souring. There's a zippy effervescence at play too, with minimal bitterness making this a beautifully thirst-quenching birthday offering.

Michael Cridge

Fruit Sour
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