Fixation Brewing TNT Express

Fixation Brewing Co

Released April 16th, 2019

Originally planned as a beer featuring fresh Enigma hops shipped straight up from Tasmania, TNT Express is less a lesson on working with the fruits of the hop harvest and more a reminder that sometimes it's necessary to brew on the fly...

Upon learning the hops were in Melbourne and would be landing at the Collingwood brewery shortly, head brewer Same Bethune started brewing the IPA. Some hours – and five phone calls – later the hops were nowhere to be seen. The team decided instead to use two of their two favourite hops, Mosaic and Amarillo, to replace the Enigma and the resulting beer was one they were more than happy with, despite the unplanned nature of its arrival.

You'll pick up orange, some pithy grapefruit and paw paw as well as a gripping bitterness in the kind of IPA for anyone who likes their hop forward beers as clean and lean on the malt front as possible. Unless you work for a particular courier company, of course.

Will Ziebell

Fixation Brewing Co

414 Smith Street
VIC 3066

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