Nowhereman Noir de Garde

Nowhereman Brewing Co

Published May 9, 2019

For their 2019 GABS festival beer Nowhereman opted to follow a dark and wintry path. And then tack on some tasty detours too. Noir de Garde is a Belgian dark ale brewed with Port-soaked dried figs and the addition of oak. Head brewer Eddie Still says: “We started with the idea to brew a dark winter beer and then things got a little out of control; we fell down the rabbit hole of ideas and this is where we ended up.”

There's no doubting the beer's Belgian roots, thanks to its big, malty Dubbel like flavours. Brooding and with many layers of complexity, you'll find the spices and dark fruits from the Belgian yeast complement the port and fig flavours, rounded out by a smooth/dry finish with hints of oak. The ABV is disguised in the body of the beer and brings a nice warmth too. The Belgian is strong with this one.

Michael Cridge

Oaked Belgian Dubbel

Nowhereman Brewery

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