Nowhereman New Zealand IPA & Friends

Styles As Indicated
6.4% & 4.8% & 4.0% & 4.0%

Nowhereman round out 2022 with another colourfully-clad can, simply-labelled release. On the surface, the reserved naming convention for New Zealand IPA could be seen as a sign of the energetic pace surrounding the West Leederville brewery – see the three other recent releases below – but it is also indicative of NZ hops’ charisma, as there’s little need for a quippy name when the liquid speaks this loudly.

Caramel malt carries Nectaron’s pineapple / passionfruit vibe, while swirls of Nowhereman’s signature grapefruit hop profile provide a house tenure. Clean bitterness asserts, yet proceedings remain moreishly achievable by IPA standards.

That other trio includes returning collabs: there's their Bahn Mi-inspired rice lager with Le Vietnam, one of WA’s best Viet roll providers, and Moon Juice V2 Pale Ale created with near neighbours Luna Cinemas – look out for this year’s movie Easter egg on the can.

And there’s a new collab too: Gina Knows Best features award-winning gin auteurs Republic of Fremantle and is based on the distillers' much-loved Gina Colada cocktail. As mention above, Nowhereman have been a little bit busy!

Guy Southern

Published December 21, 2022

Nowhereman Brewing Co

25 Harrogate Street
West Leederville
WA 6007

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Wed & Thurs: 4pm to 10pm Friday: 4pm to 11pm
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