Nowhereman Brewing Co


Nowhereman Brewing Co

25 Harrogate Street
West Leederville
WA 6007

Open Hours

Wed & Thurs: 4pm to 10pm Friday: 4pm to 11pm
Saturday: midday to 11pm
Sunday: midday to 8pm

The beer lovers of Western Australia have been well served by their local craft beer industry over the past few decades, with growing numbers of microbreweries found in popular suburbs, tourist regions and even where you might not expect them. But, for a long time, the CBD and surrounds were, for the most part, not so well served.

This omission was the impetus for Nowhereman, which opened less than three kilometres from the city centre in the second half of 2017. In the years since, it’s cemented itself as “Perth’s original urban brewery” in a former furniture factory. And, while others have appeared in the years following their launch, the team’s ebullience and a healthy selection of award-winning beers have kept the vibe as fresh and inclusive as the day the doors opened.

Founder Reece Wheadon’s six-year background in the roles of WA Beer Week director and curator served him well through the lengthy gestation period of Nowhereman. His vision for a brewpub close to the CBD, bike paths, train lines and free central area transit buses took four years to become a reality but, with an expertly recruited and experienced team, it was on song from the moment the needle finally hit the record.

The kitchen’s pizzas are legendary, in part thanks to house-made base of Eden Valley biodynamic wheat and Caputo 00 flour. Elsewhere on the menu, the focus on small batch and ethically-produced foods elevates Nowhereman food well beyond the fare found elsewhere.

Nowhereman’s core range charts a well-constructed, sessionable path featuring Leederville Draught, Crate Digger Pale Ale, Rhapsody XPA and 3 Speed Session Hazy, all picking up some bling at one point or another. Annual collaborations such as Barrels in the Skigh, with Skigh Wines, or Le Vietnam's Lemongrass and Ginger Rice Lager are eagerly sought after, as is Mr Otter’s Barley Wine, a beer with its own annual feast. There's a Western Australian focus throughout the wine, spirits and sodas on offer too.

All are waiting to be enjoyed in a bright and airy space, frequently used for events, and filled with natural light in which the bar – black tiles at the rear, an expanse of hardwood to lean on while making your selection – is very much the centrepiece, flanked by the brewery on one side.

Seating is a mix of low tables and benches, higher spots and stools, with bare brick walls, giant murals, large plantings and a rendition of the brewery logo looming overhead on one of the factory windows – further evidence this is a labour of love for Reece.

In late 2023, Nowhereman found a step-sibling in Otherside Brewing after joining the latter’s parent company Triple-1-Three. It means you'll now find their beers sharing tap space with those from Otherside at their West Leederville home.

It's not all they share, however, with the pair’s belief in community activation, the arts, inclusivity and good people making great beer leading them to consummate the relationship with the release of the perfectly-named Otherside of Nowhere Hazy IPA, perhaps proving that celebration is always better with mates.

Guy Southern

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Core Range

Nowhereman 3 Speed Session Hazy
Session Hazy
Nowhereman Brewing Rhapsody XPA
Nowhereman Leederville Draught
German style Pilsner
Nowhereman Crate Digger Pale Ale
American Pale Ale

Limited Releases

Nowhereman X Otherside Brewing Otherside Of Nowhere Hazy IPA
Hazy IPA
Nowhereman New World Pilsner & Altar Of The IPA
New World Pilsner & IPA
5.3% & 6.66%
Nowhereman Wungong, Barrels In The Skigh & Mr Otter's 2023
Red IPA, Beer-Wine Hybrid & Barley Wine
6.0% & 6.0% & 12.1%
Nowhereman Black Sunshine & AlphaRon Stout
Dark Lager & Stout
4.5% & 5.2%
Nowhereman Haze & Oats IPA
Oat Cream IPA
Nowhereman New Zealand IPA & Friends
Styles As Indicated
6.4% & 4.8% & 4.0% & 4.0%
Nowhereman 123 Days Later & Birra Negroni
Pilsner & Negroni Beer
5.4% & 5.8%
Nowhereman Carnival & Berry Gose Round
Passionfruit Rice Lager & Berry Gose
5.0% & 4.0%
Nowhereman 5 Hazy & Mr Otter's Barley Wine 2022
Hazy Pale & English Barley Wine
5.0% & 11.0%
Nowhereman Fünke
Blueberry Saison
Nowhereman & Le Vietnam Lemongrass & Ginger Rice Lager
Spiced Rice Lager
Nowhereman Pew Pew & The Public Beer GPA
Session IPL & XPA
4.7% & 4.5%
Nowhereman Mr Otter’s Barley Wine 2021, Dumb Enough & Tommy Gose Again
Various Styles
13.0% & 6.8% & 4.4%
Nowhereman & Mane Liquor Hopkuna Hoptata IPA
West Coast IPA
Nowhereman Small Odds DIPA & Mr Otter's Barley Wine
Double IPA & Barleywine
8.0% & 11.8%
Nowhereman Hazy Susan IPA & Wungong Rye IPA
Hazy IPA & Rye IPA
6.5% & 7.0%
Helios & Nowhereman Single Malt Red IPA
Nowhereman Kylie IPA
Nowhereman & Lalla Rookh Subterranean Session Ale
Session Ale
Nowhereman Feel Good Summer IPA
Nowhereman & Ronnie Nights & Strange Company Party Sour
Fruit Sour
Nowhereman 3 Speed Session IPA & Maracujá Sour
Session IPA / Fruit Gose
3.5% / 4.5%
Nowhereman The Citrus American IPA
American IPA
Nowhereman Mango Fandango
Mango Gose
Nowhereman Savvy Nelly & Kiwi Sunshine
New World Pilsner & IPA
5.0% & 6.6%
Nowhereman & Besk One Tonne Plum Farmhouse Ale
Plum Farmhouse Ale
Nowhereman 2Fresh 2Ridiculous IIPA
Nowhereman AlphaRon 65000
Export Stout
Nowhereman Noir de Garde
Oaked Belgian Dubbel
Nowhereman & Pink Boots Society Girlsenberry Choc Bomb
Boysenberry Brown Ale
Nowhereman Preston Harvest 2019
Fresh Hop Red Ale
Nowhereman Citrus Nights IPL
Citrus India Pale Lager
Nowhereman Aloha, F**kers Tropical Sour
Tropical Sour
Nowhereman Gin & Juicy Botanical NEIPA
NEIPA with Botanicals
Nowhereman Berry Gose Round
Berry Gose
Nowhereman & Eagle Bay Cherry Psycho
Sour Cherry IPA
Nowhereman & Helios & Ballistic PassionSour Pop
Passionfruit Sour
Nowhereman & Petition Beer Corner Lil Sebastian
New World Session Lager
Nowhereman & Strange Company & Ronnie Nights Strange Bloody Nights
Blood Orange & Mandarin Sour
Nowhereman Miia IPA
Nowhereman Brewing Fresh AF Double IPA
Double IPA
Nowhereman & Clarences Tommy Gose Nowhere
Margarita Gose
Nowhereman Haze Of Glory NEIPL
New England IPL
Nowhereman Brewing Co Yi P.I.A
Fresh Hop Australian Pale Ale
Nowhereman Oxford St Common – RETIRED
Steam Ale
Nowhereman Six Seasons Saison – RETIRED
Nowhereman On The DL Schwarzbier – RETIRED
Nowhereman Age Of Aquarius Summer Ale
Summer Ale