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Published April 18, 2018

Most people receive an accolade when they leave a business but, for Pia Poynton – of girl plus beer fame, not to mention a regular Crafty Pint contributor – her gift at Nowhereman came early. What's more, it was far more generous than a key to the brewery and some new email passwords. Within a month of her arrival at the Perth brewpub, Yi P.I.A. is being launched, a beer that bears her name and comes with a decal featuring one of her favorite movies, Die Hard. Not too shabby for a new employee.

The rest of Yi P.I.A.’s story involves Trey Gee from Karridale Hop Farm and Aaron Davy from Preston Valley Hops driving a combined 25kg of Tomahawk, Cascade and Flinders hop cones from WA's South West to be used on brew day. As a result, the Australian pale ale features a delicate hoppy bitterness that increases in intensity through the glass with grapefruit and melon sitting on a light malt base.

Yi P.I.A is launched at the brewery on April 18, where there are $5 handles awaiting Crafty Cabal members before hitting select WA venues on tap. Pia may be available to sign autographs at the launch. You can read about the weekend she spent picking hops here.

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