Burnley Brewing Mandarin Gose

Burnley Brewing

Published February 5, 2020

Anyone who’s visited Burnley Brewing’s Bridge Road home will know the brewery is no stranger to loading beers with fruit. Peaches, mangos, cucumbers, raspberries and juniper berries have all made it into their sours, IPAs and lagers and here, for their first limited release can of 2020, Burnley have dipped into the brewpub back catalogue and returned with Mandarin Gose.

The mandarin-filled sour was hopped with a mix of Amarillo and Mandarina Bavaria to push the citrus flavours a little further and, if you’re one to drink with your eyes, the bright orange tinnie will likely have you tasting mandarins before the can’s even open. Crack it and you’ll discover a gose that doesn’t hold back on the tartness, with its sour side hitting first then joined by a juicy tang from the mandarin before a salty undertone arrives to supply balance.

Will Ziebell

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