Brick Lane Fine Line Lager

Brick Lane Brewing

I'm not exactly sure where the cut-off between mid-strength and light beer is, or if it matters, but certainly Brick Lane have taken the approach that, when other brewers go low for their mid-strength offerings, they go lower. The Fine Line Lager – one of two lagers in their core range – tips the scales at a mere 3 percent ABV. But don't go thinking this is some watered down offering; it's actually the more classically minded of the two.

Aromas are of the noble hop variety – floral and spicy – with a light, grainy sweetness sitting in wait behind. It pours bright as anything: straw coloured and soft on the palate and, while you know it's on the lighter side, there's still enough character to keep the taste buds entertained.

James Smith

Light Lager
Brick Lane Brewing

41 Imagine Way
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