Brick Lane Sidewinder: Lime XPA & Passionfruit XPA

Brick Lane Brewing

Published May 11, 2022

Brick Lane kicked off their ultra low-alc Sidewinder range in 2021 and with two additional core range XPAs added in May 2022, it seems clear the brewery sees a big future in the alcohol-free space. Both beers are fruit-spiked post-fermentation and use the same base recipe as the brewery’s XPA Deluxe, with Lime XPA pouring a little cloudier than the regular XPA and even from its appearance, you can tell there might be some lime lurking beneath. If the colour wasn't a big enough giveaway, the big hit of zesty lime surely will be, while it's joined by grapefruit and pineapple with the sweeter edges of malt balanced with a building bitterness. And while it might be a beer designed for those moments when you’re avoiding alcohol, if you're looking for a fun drink, you could do worse than serving this non-alc XPA with some tequila or white rum.

Passionfruit XPA meanwhile, makes use of one of the most popular fruits in Australian brewers’ arsenal and as with Lime, that fruit is apparent as soon as you crack open the can and with a lot of it washing across the beer too, you can’t help but feel the beer would do wonders under high humidity. But even without the added heat, if you like passionfruit and further tropical notes served against a touch of sweetness and a bitter backdrop, you'll find much to enjoy.

Will Ziebell

Both <0.5%
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