Brick Lane Hi-Fi Dry

Brick Lane Brewing

Published November 11, 2022

There's clearly never a quiet moment at Brick Lane. In 2022, they've completed a major expansion, become a registered B Corp and unveiled their ambitious plans around sustainable brewing. As the year comes to its end, they've also added a new beer to their core range lineup – and Hi-Fi Dry has them pretty excited too. The zero-carb Japanese lager is targeting beer drinkers looking for a “better for you” option when it comes to beer and, beyond the lack of carbs, Brick Lane state each one contains a mere 87 calories per can.

Once upon a time, the team here at Crafty Towers wondered which music lovers within the brewery team got to name their beers. But as the years have gone by, we feel confident enough to say that being the boss has its perks and that this was surely the work of managing director Paul Bowker, given the connection to You Am I’s iconic second album, Hi Fi Way. Whether or not you should drop this beer like the weightlifter in Cathy’s Clown drops vitamins* is a matter for you, but what we can say is that Hi-Fi Dry is about clear and crisp refreshment. From the first glance at the pale and sparkling beer, it's clear it sits at the lighter end of the lager camp, with very subtle floral and herbal notes and a touch of biscuit and sweet red apple from the malt.

Will Ziebell

*We thought it safer to keep clear of references to the “personality pills” and swilling red wine from Purple Sneakers in this instance…

We've got cases of the new beer to give away to members of our beer club, The Crafty Cabal, too. There's two ways to get your hands on one: here or here.

Zero Carb Japanese Lager
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