Brick Lane Sunsetter Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Brick Lane Brewing

Published December 13, 2021

Often it’s music that seems to inspire the names of Brick Lane releases but sometimes it’s more about the moment they’re trying to capture. That’s true for the limited-release and barrel-aged Trilogy of Fear series which explored beer’s darkest corners in the depth of winter and it’s just as true of their ginger beer, added to the brewery’s core range at the end of 2021.

Sunsetter is designed for those long moments when the sun slowly goes down and you’re out enjoying the warm afternoons and evenings of summer. Even more specifically, it's a beer ready for the heat of a humid Queensland afternoon, with the drink packed full of ginger sourced from Lady Musgrave Island, near the Great Barrier Reef.

Securing the ginger for Sunsetter was no easy task either, as it turns out the local ginger trade isn’t a very simple one to navigate, with the annual supply tending to disappear rather quickly. Disappearing quickly is what the alcoholic ginger beer is designed to do too, providing a bit of spicy bite which adds to Sunsetter’s overall refreshing nature, while the distinct notes of ginger and sprightly carbonation help whisk you into holiday mode, whether you’re enjoying one or stuck at home.

Will Ziebell

Alcoholic Ginger Beer
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