Brick Lane Supernova IPA

Brick Lane Brewing

One Love. Supernova. Is there a Mancunian music lover lurking within Brick Lane, one smart enough to now it's worth trying to appease both sides of the red/blue divide? Certainly, there are brewers who understand how to create an IPA for the current climate.

Supernova is very much of its time: pale in colour with candied tropical aromas, pine and pineapple, plus hints of liquorice adding depth, of which the hop combo at play here provides plenty. Keep going and a dankness makes its way into proceedings, then a bitterness that’s broad, a little sticky and keen to hang around and be your mate. No Champagne Supernova; just a bloody enjoyable IPA.

James Smith

Brick Lane Brewing

41 Imagine Way
Dandenong South
VIC 3175

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