Pirate Life Lime Gose

Pirate Life (CUB)

Released October 14, 2020

Kakadu plum and lemon myrtle. Lemongrass and ginger. Apple and guava. It's fair to say Pirate Life's brewers have been willing to look a little outside the box when selecting flavour-enhancers for some of their 2020 limited releases. It can make the arrival of Lime Gose seem rather sedate, in itself a reminder of how far the beer landscape has changed in the past half decade: a lightly soured beer featuring native finger limes, coriander and Murray River pink salt can be viewed as one with a relatively broad appeal.

In the flesh, it's also one with a Margarita like appeal, thanks to the opening hit of lime juice that first takes aim at your nose before streaking across your palate in the manner of a carpet-bombing mini-Zeppelin (limes look a bit like Zeppelins, right? Maybe? It's just me?). That said, there's a fluffiness too – a salt-enhanced softness – while anything you might tag as "sour" is kept on the low side, with the acidity from the lactobacillus melding with the lime zest in a manner that's summer-drinking-by-the-pool-refreshing more than Jesus-that's-cheek-sucking-puckering.

James Smith

Lime Gose
Pirate Life (CUB)

18 Baker Street
Port Adelaide
SA 5015

(08) 8340 1447
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