Burnley Brewing & Whitehart Bar Tepache & Raspberry Berliner

Burnley Brewing

Published March 18, 2021

The team at Whitehart Bar in Melbourne’s CBD don’t just have a focus on craft beer but a love for cocktails too. Among the fermented ingredients they enjoy building those cocktails with is tepache; the lightly fermented Mexican drink made with pineapple. Keen to turn that into beer, the bar teamed up with Burnley Brewing create the nitro sour, Tepache. Along with pineapple, the beer includes ginger, hibiscus tea and coconut plus Sabro hops to further drive that last flavour. If blurring the lines between cocktail and beer was the goal, then it’s one that’s been achieved, with the vibrantly pink beer’s nitro base making it remarkably close to a well-shaken cocktail that includes egg whites. On the flavour front, the ginger is most prominent before it’s joined by pineapple juice and notes of coconut that’s been stirred in with cream which brings the beer pretty close to a piña colada.

If that’s not enough fruit for you, Burnley Brewing has also released Raspberry Berliner; continuing their regular exploration of packing a sour with berries. This one pours in the glass an even brighter pink than Tepache and while the raspberry adds a lot of sweetness, there’s a sour finish that follows through at the end.

Will Ziebell

NB: if you’re reading this on March 18, Whitehart are hosting a launch party all day that’s featuring a Burnley tap takeover.

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