Burnley Brewing & Blackhearts & Sparrows Apricot Sour

Burnley Brewing

Published May 20, 2021

The team at Blackhearts & Sparrows love collaborating with breweries as well as beers inspired by the Old World so, in some ways, it feels like Apricot Sour is a little inevitable. Launched during Good Beer Week 2021 and brewed with Melbourne’s Burnley Brewing, the beer is a highly effervescent and lightly sour saison with apricots aplenty thrown in.

That fruit flavour is really quite close to tucking into a fresh bit of fruit that’s been sitting in a fruit bowl for a number of days. That fruit bowl could well be placed beside the spice rack too, with a blend of cloves and pepper leading the charge in a beer where the slight sourness and modest ABV of 3.8 percent makes it feel like something you could enjoy after a day’s work in an orchard.

Will Ziebell

Apricot Sour
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