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Published August 11, 2021

As far as beer names go, Get Lost is a fitting one for Burnley Brewing’s New Zealand IPA for two reasons. First off, that's because there's a difficult to define medley of fruit flavours at play (more on that below) and secondly, there's as an impressively detailed scene on the can's design that you could spend a lot of time getting lost in. The post-hike campfire scene includes the likes of a search and rescue crew, a crocodile, a long-dead pilot that had me thinking of the television’s seminal Lost (look the writing was messy but it was prime-time TV that thought big) and that's all from just a cursory glance. The artwork is by Melbourne illustrator Luke Sommerfeld, while the beer inside is the work of Burnley’s Cal Fowler, who has as much of a love for hiking as he does brewing and being unable to enjoy a fresh New Zealand beer while outdoors, decided to brew one of his own.

He did so using all Kiwi malts and the hop combination of Rakau, Kohuta, Motueka and Wai-iti, which is where we get to the mix of fruits inside which are just about aromatic enough to suggest that at a stretch, maybe you could be justified removing actual fruit from your bag and packing this beer. It flitters between juicy pawpaw, tinned pineapple, stonefruit, orange pulp and a slight touch of lime, plus has a soft touch of diesel often associated with hops from across The Ditch so that if you close your eyes long enough, maybe it will get you there.

Will Ziebell

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