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When Deeds Brewing fired up their Glen Iris brewhouse in the first half of 2019, it was the end of a long journey for Pat Alé and Dave Milstein.

The seeds of the idea to build a brewery together had first been planted way back in 2003 when they attended university together and started spitballing business ideas after class over a beer. They might have been enjoying their engineering degrees, but building a business – particularly a brewery – sounded like a lot more fun.

As they started researching the practicalities, they quickly woke up to the reality that building a brewery is damn expensive and, worse still, they didn’t know anything about manufacturing beer, selling, marketing, finance or, if they're honest, anything at all about business. So, as a first step on their journey, they started a distribution business called Red Island and set about learning the ropes.

Five years on from their launch after importing beers from all over the world – some successfully, others not so much – the pair picked up Rekorderlig ciders. Then practically unknown in Australia, they transformed it into a drink that seemed to be in pretty much every bar and bottleshop out there. But owning their own brewery was always the goal and, in 2012, Pat and Dave launched Quiet Deeds as a contract brand, based around a highly approachable lineup of a pale ale, Kolsch and IPA.

By 2013, they’d sold off the rights to Rekorderlig to focus their eyes more keenly on beer and set out on a hunt for their future home, which they found in one of the inner east’s few industrial pockets: Paran Place in Glen Iris is the sole industrial zone in Stonnington Council, within a cluster of suburbs that have historically been Melbourne’s driest.

The old car dealership that took their fancy might have had plenty of asbestos that needed tearing out but, in the building’s sawtooth roof and unique fit out, Pat and Dave envisioned the perfect spot in which to bring local beer to an area that had long gone without.

They ordered their 25 hectolitre DME brewhouse and substantial packaging setup and… well, let’s just say it took almost another three years to get it installed and operational after enduring a red tape-strewn roller coaster ride with their local council then VCAT, which saw them having to remove a planned tap room from their planning application in order to gain approval for their brewery.

By then, they’d rebranded to Deeds Brewing, the intention being for it to become the overarching home for a family of themed beer brands. Quiet Deeds still adorns most of the brewery’s releases, but look out for the likes of Dark Deeds and more down the line. The rebrand also brought with it a new logo, one mimicking their sawtooth home and promoting their Glen Iris location.

It wasn’t just the Quiet Deeds labels that changed, either, but many of the beers too. Some of the beers that followed their early trio had hinted at a greater sense of adventure – the Lamington Ale and, more than anything, their Juice Train NEIPA, now fine-tuned into one of the most popular of the hazy IPAs doing the rounds – and you can see that spirit in the new look lineup.

There’s been a double dry-hopped pale named Double Time, in reference to how long it took the brewery to be finished, the pineapple sour Sawtooth, an ice cream pale, and Nuke Point, a hopped-to-the-wazoo IPA they pull from fridges if it hasn’t been sold within 30 days of being packaged.

Within months of firing it up, they’d also taken full advantage of the versatility of their brewhouse in the shape of limited edition and one-off brews. The likes of the Breakfast NEIPA Naked Brunch, double hazy IPA Fortune and Glory, fresh-hopped DDH pale Interstellar and a hazy IPA called Nebula have set out their stall for a jam-packed limited release schedule.

As far as statements of intent go, it’s pretty clear that, under the leadership of former Hawkers head brewer Justin Corbitt, the new Deeds beers will be exploring a diverse array of modern styles. Some other early brews on that kit were squirrelled away into barrels too, so expect big stouts and wilder releases (which the Crafty team hopes will come bearing the Dirty Deeds banner…).

The plans don’t stop there, however, with work ongoing (at time of writing) on revisiting their on-site venue too. Pat at Dave want to make their original vision for the venue a reality by gaining approval for the taproom. When you’re in a suburb with few drinking and dining options – sat just a few metres from Glen Iris station and only a couple more from the number 6 tram route – it’s a smart move.

That said, it’s a part of the business that’s ensuring the roller coaster still has a few more loops and twists to complete first. The plan – and it’s an ambitious one that will see guests wrapped around two sides of the brewery and the creation of a kind of indoor-outdoor beer garden – is to open to the public some time in 2020. And, when you consider the journey Pat and Dave have been on already – one that makes you wonder how they still go about their business with smiles on their faces – that must feel like it’s just around the corner.

Will Ziebell

You can sign a petition in support of their brewery venue application here.

Deeds Brewing

4 Paran Place
Glen Iris
VIC 3146

1300 67 33 62
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Deeds Brewing Regulars

Deeds Draught

Tapped November 7th, 2019
Since they first started brewing at their Glen Iris home in early 2019, Deeds Brewing have been releasing beers at a furious pace; and it's a brew schedule that shows no sign of slowing down. For the most part, those beers have been big and bold (not to mention hoppy) but Deeds Draught is an entirely different affair. This addition to the brewery's core range is instead a lager that's more about subtleties and refreshment, where maize in the malt bill is designed to aid the beer's easy-drinking nature.… Read more

Quiet Deeds Session Ale

The beer in the new look Quiet Deeds lineup that shares the closest bond with the beers with which they started out is the Session Ale. And, given its name and intention, that should come as little surprise, especially when there's plenty of bigger, hoppier offerings sitting alongside it now. Pouring a lightly hazy pale gold, the pilsner malt lends it a grainy, cereal like character and a touch of honey, while bitterness is gentle and the impact of the citrusy hops restrained all round.… Read more
Session Ale

Quiet Deeds Lamington Ale

The first Quiet Deeds beer to take on something of a cult status was their Lamington Ale and its early buzz soon translated into a permanent spot in the lineup. It's the sort of beer that typically fares well at GABS each year: inspired by a dessert, dark and rich. There's a tonne of toasted coconut at play and it almost seems like there's cherry in there too – but that would appear to be a trick of the mind, an offshoot of the specialty malts at play. Peel back the coconut and you'll find a soft,… Read more
Lamington Ale

Quiet Deeds Vanilla Porter

One of two bottled dark ales in the Quiet Deeds core lineup, this one could be considered more of a team player than the Lamington Ale. While that beer is dominated by its star player – coconut – here, the Vanilla Porter encourages a sharing of top billing. Thick, dark and viscous, you'll find some Italian coffee, dark chocolate and bitter roasted characters swirling within as the vanilla beans contribute a softening of their edges.… Read more
Vanilla Porter

Quiet Deeds Sawtooth Pineapple Kettle Sour

It might have brought with it more challenges than they could ever have expected, but the Deeds team are still keen to celebrate their Glen Iris home. The sawtooth building forms their logo and also lends its name to this core range sour. Hazy yellow in appearance, it delivers a potent pineapple and lemon aroma – sweet and sherbet or cordial like as much as it's sour. Indeed, it's almost dessert like in its fruity intensity, bordering on creamy and full-bodied – certainly for a beer of just 4.4… Read more
Pineapple Kettle Sour

Quiet Deeds Nuke Point DDH IPA

Nuke Point is a beer that says the Deeds team are backing their brewers to the hilt. A highly dry-hopped IPA – 12g of hops per litre for the trainspotters out there – it comes with a 30 day best before date. Well, actually, it's a little more than a best before: their intention is to reclaim any that isn't sold within 30 days of packaging and "nuke" it. It's a fun way of highlighting the importance of freshness in such beers – and one likely to cause them a fair bit of self-created… Read more

Quiet Deeds Double Time DDH Pale Ale

Another beer that references their brewery home, this time in terms of the time it took to get things up and running, Double Time is also one of many hazy, hoppy beers bearing the Quiet Deeds name – a policy the unpacked DE filter and centrifuge at the packaging end of their warehouse suggests is set to continue. Crack a can and you know there's been a massive amount of late hopping involved (with popular US varieties Mosaic, Simcoe and Citra); it's like you're inhaling freshly shredded hops. From… Read more
DDH Pale Ale

Quiet Deeds Juice Train NEIPA

Juice Train is the beer that, more than any other, suggested to the nation's beer geeks there was something worth paying attention to at Quiet Deeds. One of the earlier New England IPAs to hit the market, it's been brewed and refined dozens of times since making its debut. Hazy to the point of being almost opaque, low carbonation adds to its soft, juice like nature, while pineapple and citrus dominate throughout – little wonder when they're adding 12 grams of hops per litre. Soft, creamy on the… Read more

Deeds Brewing Specials

Quiet Deeds Double Juice Train

Tapped November 28th, 2019
Juice Train was one of the first local New England IPAs to gain a foothold in Australia, predating the current hazy floodgates that have left us drenched in tropical hops. It was also the beer that switched a lot of beer nerds onto Quiet Deeds, showing they were willing to experiment with up-and-coming styles even before their brewery fired up. Since then, that brewery has opened and Deeds have launched hazy after hazy and seem to have no qualms about how big they make them or how many hops they… Read more
Double NEIPA

Quiet Deeds & Merri Mashers Slenderman / Quiet Deeds & Venom Viper Pit / Dark Deeds & Froth Resting Witch Face

Tapped November 7th, 2019
Halloween’s here to stay in Australia and as much as the American-inspired holiday might annoy many Aussies, all that we can do on that front is direct you here. Deeds Brewing looked to join those celebrations in 2019 by releasing not one but three rather spooky beers, which follow closely on from their Tallboy & Moose collab, itself inspired by The Shining. The lightest of this trio is Slenderman, an IPA brewed with Merri Mashers member Rohan Lowe. Rohan took out the Deeds Brewers Choice award… Read more
IPA / Hazy DIPA / Spiced Porter
5.8% / 9.0% / 6.0%

Deeds & Tallboy & Moose All Work & No Play

Tapped October 18th, 2019
Back when Justin Corbitt was a wide-eyed brewer getting his start in the beer industry at Hawkers, one set of steady hands (attached to rather tall body were) showing him the ropes belonged to Dan Hall. Today, both brew out of different breweries, with Dan the Tallboy at Tallboy & Moose and Justin steering the ship at Deeds Brewing. To relive their days spent together, the two teamed up for All Work & No Play, a DDH Hazy IIPA with a downright mad level of dry-hopping: 40 grams per litre.… Read more

Quiet Deeds Cosmic Gateway & Collusion

Tapped October 9th, 2019
After the flurry of hoppy and hazy releases they’ve focused much of their time on since their brewery was first fired up, Deeds Brewing’s latest two releases head in a slightly different direction. Well, sort of... Cosmic Gateway is a saison brewed with hibiscus and the Kiwi hop Pacifica. It's also the brewery’s first beer brewed in their open top fermenter. It pours a wonderful red that evokes memories of a darker rosé and, when it comes to flavour and refreshment, it would be just as fitting… Read more
Saison / DDH Wheatwine
5.8% & 10.0%

Quiet Deeds Survivor Type Hazy TIPA

Tapped September 26th, 2019
Since firing up their Glen Iris brewery, Deeds Brewing have been on an absolute tear when it comes to hazy releases. The OG, Juice Train, is now part of the brewery’s core range and head brewer Justin Corbitt has been spending his time exploring the wider hazy IPA arena in various ways: through tweaks to malt bases, the use of different hops, when those hops are added to the beer, and by dialling up the ABV. Survivor Type is the brewery’s biggest to date, out in yellow and black cans ahead… Read more
Hazy Triple IPA

Quiet Deeds Long Days & Pleasant Evenings & Hummingbird

Tapped August 23rd, 2019
The Quiet Deeds brewers continue to go crazy for the hazy with another twin release hot on the heels of Fortune & Glory and The Traveller. They continue to find differentiation within that space too, with Long Days & Pleasant Evenings using an all-Southern Hemisphere hop lineup of Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin and Riwaka to move away from the typically OJ and brekkie juice territory of most into something more vibrant. It has a lively hop aroma of lime, kiwifruit, grapefruit and, as they say on the… Read more
Hazy IPAs
7.2% & 9.0%

Deeds Brewing Festivus & Dark Deeds Double Lamington

Tapped August 9th, 2019
We've said it before and we'll say it again. But if you get the chance to try a new beer without having much idea of what it is, do it. It's like a partial blind tasting and is the approach I take, where possible, when sampling new arrivals. In part, it's to allow the senses to go to work without preconceptions; in part, it's to see if I agree with the brewers. And it can lead to fun experiences like one with Deeds Brewing's Festivus. I knew it was a bock before pouring, but that only led to a somewhat… Read more
Spiced Bock & Imperial Brown Ale
6.0% & 8.5%

Deeds Brewing Fortune & Glory & The Traveller

Tapped July 22nd, 2019
They might both be hazy double IPAs that sit at 8 percent ABV, but these two releases from Deeds Brewing show how well murky beers can shine a light on different hop profiles. Fortune & Glory was originally brewed a few months ago to mark the launch of the Deeds’ Glen Iris brewery. Even though it was a small keg run, the beer’s popularity soon made it clear to the brew team it deserved to enjoy a wider release in cans. What likely drove that popularity was the beer’s smooth body and hopped… Read more
Hazy IPAs
8.0% & 8.0%

Deeds Brewing Dark Deeds: The First Horseman

Tapped July 4th, 2019
Quiet Deeds have welcomed their first beery cousin into the world with the launch of the Dark Deeds lineup of beers by Glen Iris’ Deeds Brewing. It’s a big, dark beast too, an imperial stout sitting at 9.5 percent ABV and bearing the suitably epic name The First Horseman – a reference to the beer’s conquest over light, and the fact we’ll likely see more of a similar ilk in the near future. There’s a sweet and thick – almost oil like – body to the beer, with roasted coffee aromas galloping… Read more
Imperial Stout
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