Feral King Brown

Feral Brewing (CCEP)

Published October 16, 2011

Of all the beers that were put on the lineup for the Festival of the Frothy, few had people more excited than this, a cognac barrel-aged Imperial Brown from Feral. Perhaps it was because it was a new beer from Feral, perhaps it was because the brewer Brendan Varis had called it the "most luscious" beer they'd ever created which, given the output from their Swan Valley base, is quite a claim. The result is a deeply dark brown beer and one that lives very much in the darker realms of flavour when it comes to its malt character, bordering on roasty with lots of rich, dark cocoa characters. At least that's how it starts, before unravelling a big wave of smoky, woody goodness, like taking a drag on a Cuban with one hand while lazing back in a leather armchair and brandishing your cognac balloon with your other. A multi-layered beast to be savoured.

Barrel-Aged Imperial Brown


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