Feral Brewpub Series: Raging Flem

Feral Brewing (CCA)

Released March 25, 2013

In their 10-plus years of brewing, Feral has accumulated such a long and wildly varied list of beers on its roster that you rarely see one-off, limited releases from them. Instead, it's more a case of waiting until the next batch of Boris/Fantapants/Watermelon Warhead/Razorback (delete as appropriate) appears on tap or travelling to the brewery's home venue in the Swan Valley to sample them year round. In fact, whenever a new release does appear, chances are it's going to become a permanent fixture in one way or another anyway. But, with only four of their beers currently available in packaged form, it means you can't stock your fridge with Feral specials without nicking a keg. That's all set to change though with the launch of the Brewpub Series, which will see them release some of their less widely available beers every three or four months. First to set sail is the Raging Flem, a hopped up Belgian IPA that first appeared a few years back and gained its name from a competition run amongst the Local Taphouse's Ale Stars. Professor Pilsner came up with the name ' drawn from the raging seas that the original IPAs used to have to cross to reach India and the Flemish region of Belgium - for a beer that is a big, US hop influenced 7.6 per cent Belgian IPA. It combines the yeast-driven Belgian beer characteristics with floral American hops, including Amarillo, Cascade and Chinook, with a special addition of Belgium candy sugar to round things off.

Belgian IPA


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