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Feral Brewing (CCA)

Released April 1, 2014

The current craze for craft brewers to put their product into cans continues unabated. Latest to get involved is the reigning Champion Medium Brewery of Australia, Feral. The arrival of their first can has come almost unheralded and, most surprising of all, it is also their first cider. Feral Beral is launched following extensive research by the Swan Valley brewer which showed that, while Feral's core beer products appealed to discerning drinkers of both genders, they where missing out on a significant market of "18-40 Mainstream Bingers". They believe this more scientific approach to creating new products will stand them in good stead for future growth. As well as carrying out extensive research, Feral has been lobbying the Australian Cider Society to recognise "Olde Englishish" as an official style.

The brewery's Steve Finney explains: "As the cider market becomes flooded with brands, the ACS has recognised the need to create categories that allow manufacturers to take full advantage of cheap constituted apple juices. Obviously 'Chinese Cider' isn't as desirable to our target audience as something that is reminiscent of the traditional home of cider."

Head brewer Brendan Varis adds: "By reconstituting these juices and adding sweeteners, we were able to create a very cost effective product and a taste profile that appeals to those that are interested in consuming their alcoholic beverages in bulk. It's not something that I would choose to drink, but it makes economic sense and it is an approach that I am excited to pursue on the beer side of the business if this proves successful, which all our data suggests it will. The reality is that creating fresh, local products will only take you so far and my ambitions for Feral are global."

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